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ARVO 2017 highlights in mathematical modeling

Richard J Braun

4-6 |

Meeting Highlights Article

A simple mathematical model for collagen fibril organization in normal and keratoconic corneas

Peter M. Pinsky, Yanhui Ma, Yunjae Hwang, Sally Hayes, Keith M. Meek

7-11 |

Multiscale nature of ocular physiology

Lorenzo Sala, Riccardo Sacco, Giovanna Guidoboni

12-18 |

A proposed mechanism for tear film breakup: a molecular level view by employing in-silico approach

Lukasz Cwiklik, Adela Melcrova, Philippe Daull, Jean-Sebastien Garrigue

19-23 |

Dynamics of fluorescent imaging in glob-driven breakup

Lan Zhong, Richard J. Braun, Peter Ewen King-Smith, Carolyn G. Begley

24-28 |

Original Article

Racial differences in the correlations between structural parameters and ocular blood flow in healthy eyes

Koosha Ramezani, Alon Harris, Brent Siesky, Carine Olinde, Darrell WuDunn, Jennifer Eikenberry, Fang-I Chu, Leslie A. Tobe, Betul Kaskan, Lyne Racette

29-41 |

Using mathematics to avoid blindness in diabetics

Arieh Helfgott, Ariella E.R. Helfgott, Sean Mullany

42-70 |

Condensation on intraocular lenses during vitrectomy: effect of perfluorocarbon liquids

Yann Dacquay, Joseph R. Lee, Andrea Govetto, Matthias Elgeti, Wayne L Hubbell, Pirouz Kavehpour, Jean-Pierre Hubschman

71-80 |