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Effects of the hand-grip test on retinal vascular and structural parameters measured by optical coherence tomography in healthy subjects

Cutolo C., A., Verticchio Vercellin A., C., Ferro Desideri L., Bonzano C., Cardillo Piccolino F., Traverso C., E., Nicolò M.

Effect of iStent Trabecular Micro-Bypass device on outflow system morphology

Hess N., Mesiwala N., Marando C., Bilonick R., A. Seibold L., K. Schuman J., S. Wollstein G., Ishikawa H., Sigal I., A. Conner I., Jonescu-Cuypers C., Pantcheva M., B. Kagemann L.

Test-retest reproducibility of atomic force microscopy measurements of human trabecular meshwork stiffness

Kagemann L., Candiello J., Wollstein G., Ishikawa H., Bilonick R., A. Sigal I., A. Jonescu-Cuypers C., Kumta P., N. Schuman J. S.

Modeling the eye as a window on the body

Carichino L., Cassani S., Lapin S., Verticchio Vercellin A.

Increasing protected data accessibility for age-related cataract research using a semi-automated honest broker

Valluripally S., Raju M., Calyam P., Lemus M., Purohit S., Mosa A., Joshi T.

Predicting infusion pressure during pars plana vitrectomy: a physically based model

Rossi T., Querzoli G., Angelini G., Rossi A., Malvasi C., Landi L., Telani S., Ripandelli G.

A model for tear film dynamics during a realistic blink

Maki K., L., Henshaw W., McManus A., Braun R., Chapp D., Driscoll T.

Mathematical modeling highlights from ARVO 2018

Maki K., L. Repetto R., Braun R. J.

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