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Increasing protected data accessibility for age-related cataract research using a semi-automated honest broker

Valluripally S., Raju M., Calyam P., Lemus M., Purohit S., Mosa A., Joshi T.

Predicting infusion pressure during pars plana vitrectomy: a physically based model

Rossi T., Querzoli G., Angelini G., Rossi A., Malvasi C., Landi L., Telani S., Ripandelli G.

A model for tear film dynamics during a realistic blink

Maki K., L., Henshaw W., McManus A., Braun R., Chapp D., Driscoll T.

Mathematical modeling highlights from ARVO 2018

Maki K., L. Repetto R., Braun R. J.

Biomechanical evaluation of central and peripheral Descemet’s membrane endothelial graft

Romano V., Zhuola Z., Chang Z., Steger B., Levis H., J. Kaye S., B. Akhtar R.

The effect of serum proteins on dynamic interfacial properties of silicone oils in vitrectomized eyes

Nepita I., Liggieri L., Santini E., Ravera F., Romano M., R. Pralits J., O. Repetto R.

Mathematical modeling of ocular and cerebral hemo-fluid dynamics: application to VIIP

Salerni F., Repetto R., Harris A., Pinsky P., Prud’homme C., Szopos M., Guidoboni G.

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