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Biomechanical evaluation of central and peripheral Descemet’s membrane endothelial graft

Romano V., Zhuola Z., Chang Z., Steger B., Levis H., J. Kaye S., B. Akhtar R.

The effect of serum proteins on dynamic interfacial properties of silicone oils in vitrectomized eyes

Nepita I., Liggieri L., Santini E., Ravera F., Romano M., R. Pralits J., O. Repetto R.

Mathematical modeling of ocular and cerebral hemo-fluid dynamics: application to VIIP

Salerni F., Repetto R., Harris A., Pinsky P., Prud’homme C., Szopos M., Guidoboni G.

Fluid structure interaction of the non-contact tonometry test

Ariza-Gracia M., Án., Wu W., Malve M., Calvo B.,ña Rodriguez Matas J.é Fél.

Effect of an iris-fixated intraocular lens on corneal metabolism: a numerical study

Davvalo Khongar P., Pralits J., O. Cheng X., Pinsky P., Soleri P., Repetto R.

Clinical assessment of intraocular pressure: a whole-eye dynamic model

Stefanoni F., Harris A., Szopos M., Prud’homme C., Sacco R., Messenio D., Costantino M., L., Guidoboni G.

Multiscale modeling and simulation of neurovascular coupling in the retina

Sacco R., Mauri A., G. Cardani A., Siesky B., A. Guidoboni G., Harris A.

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